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Why Autism Can Be Pretty Awesome

Autism is often only seen for its negative traits. However, what most people don't know is that it has some really positive traits too. Some autistic traits can border on superpowers depending on the individual, their passions and how they use them. We are going to highlight some of them below:

Attention to Detail – Those with autism often have a great attention to detail and are able to spot things that most would overlook.

Deep Focus – The ability to focus on one thing for hours at a time. In many work places this is a very valuable trait.

Observation – the ability to watch and learn new skills before carrying them out. Sometimes this is something most people should do in a range of situations.

Absorbing Facts – Long term memory for those with autism can be pretty incredible. Being able to recall facts and figures can be a real plus point for a potential employer.

Expertise – They are able to use their ability to hold information to become experts in specific topics.

Unique Approach –They often view the world differently and will come up with out of the box approaches to resolve issues where other may struggle with conventional thought.

Creativity – Although they might not show the same expressions and emotions as everyone else on the outside, on the inside they can be highly imaginative and creative.

Challengers – Often not afraid to challenge opinions, those with autism can break the norms and help set new revolutionary ideas in motion.

Accepting (socially) – Less likely to judge others and will accept people for who they are. Despite their inability to interact sociably sometimes, they often have a better perspective than most.

Honesty & Loyalty - Those with autism rarely have a hidden agenda. They work in social circles on a much more basic level and often find it difficult to lie, making them very honest. This can be a huge contributor to their social pitfalls, as they struggle to understand those who are not honest, have hidden agendas.

Trusting - Those with autism can be incredibly trusting of others. Although this can have negative consequences, we could all learn something from that.

So next time you look at yourself in the mirror don't let your label be a crutch, instead realise you have some pretty awesome abilities that you can use in the world. There were many autistic hero's such as Albert Einstein who went before you, and who knows what you could do!

If you or a family member struggle with autism and currently don't have the financial support you need, DSP can help. Give our team a call or email through our Contact page.

If you are looking for a community to join that will be understanding and patient towards you, why not join the Sanctuary Gaming Café (part of DSP).


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