Debt Management

Firstly, getting into debt is nothing to be ashamed of. Millions of people throughout England and Wales struggle with debt on a day to day basis due to the loss of a job, illness and other changes in circumstances. Often this is not their fault, but merely the hand they have been dealt. The Disability Support Project is here to help anyone with a disability, addiction or impairment struggling with their finances, and get them back on their feet. 

This can be a more basic service if the candidate has the mental capacity to continue with their own financial management after some guidance, up to an appointeeship should the need arise for a more hands on approach (see our appointeeship page for more information). 

Whatever the requirement the Disability Support Project wants to help you reach your goal of a debt free life. 


Our team will go through your budget with you, or create one should you have struggled to do so, and outline your financial commitments.

This can be set into a clear spreadsheet so that you can continue to track your own progress month on month. 

If your debts out way your income we can look out how you can consolidate your debts into a manageable sum and whether there is any support available for you depending on your circumstances.  

Our aim is to help you achieve financial independence and the confidence to manage them in a stress free environment.  We are always here to support you at any point along your journey.