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Work Experience

If you are based in Redditch or nearby in Worcestershire and Warwickshire we have work experience places throughout the year. Work experience can provide a valuable step on the ladder to a future employer by showing you are willing to work, even if it is for free. However you don't just gain work experience, you also gain valuable skills, a letter of recommendation to your future employer, and get to be a part of a team. 


We have also found our volunteers have gained confidence, reduced anxiety levels and formed some great friendships and a support network. This is a great opportunity to help the community while growing your own skills, experience, and chances of employment.


14 - 16 year olds

For those between the ages of 14 - 16 and looking for work experience for the Duke of Edinburgh or School, we have several opportunities on Friday nights with Sanctuary Gaming Cafe. For 16 year olds we have some office based work that you can gain experience with as well. If this is for your Duke of Edinburgh awards you will need to contact your DOE contact to confirm the position can be taken as part of your hours (a job description can be provided). 

If you are 16 contact us for more information:


Working Comfortably

17 and over

If you are 17 and over and need work experience to boost your chances of employment volunteering is a great way to start. We can train you in several areas of office, charity, marketing and business work practices, as well as provide a letter of recommendation to your future employer. 

Employers will look more favourably on someone who is working in a role already as a paid or volunteer position. This shows that you already have some experience,  you will have someone who can confirm your the details on your CV, and that you want to work. Willingness to work is priceless to most employers and working as a volunteer shows this in abundance. 

work together


We have a a range of volunteer roles which you can find by clicking on the link below. However, if you cant find a role listed that suits you please do get in touch. We have roles in marketing, administration and support that are continuously requiring volunteers. You can contact our team and let them know the role you are looking for experience in, if we can find a place for you we will. 


Volunteer Positions

We regularly post specific positions that we have available on our volunteers page. You can download the PDF for each position and apply via the link below: 


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