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Finance Education For Schools

More and more, we find that what we learn in the classroom can be difficult to implement in real-world scenarios regarding finances. Though our children are taught maths in School, they are not necessarily shown relatable examples they can use it in, such as budgeting and managing money or debt.

DSP aims to offer an education service within Schools to go through a number of things that our next generation should know about managing money safely and avoiding debt. Through our experience of managing accounts for those with a range of disabilities we feel we have real insight into the issues facing many young people today when it comes to their bank accounts. 


Our training can include any of the following areas depending on the time you wish to book with us:

  • Budgeting - Managing you income against outgoing costs.

  • Credit Cards - How to safely use credit cards, when to use them, and what to look out for with APR's. 

  • Debt Management - What to do if you are in debt, debt consolidation, and black listing.

  • Investments - Understanding investments and managing risks.

  • Protection - Protecting your information, online safety and scam avoidance.

  • Jobs - What to look for when applying for jobs, getting a contract and understanding your rights. 

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