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Looking for work when you are disabled?

After the pandemic many were left with long covid, anxiety, stress disorders, and other mental health and physiological disorders. Do we need to change the way we operate in the work place?

There are many people with disabilities that would like to work, but cannot due to inflexible working requirements. Full time and even part time hours working four to eight hours straight are just not feasible for some people. However, a flexible scheme that would allow them to work from home, and/or irregular hours as their condition allows would change them from unemployable to employable.

So why is it a struggle to incorporate more flexible roles into the workplace and remote working?

A lot of the time it is a trust issue (in regards to remote working) from the perspective of the employer. Having someone outside of your direct supervision can lead to some degree of paranoia over whether enough work is being done, are they fulfilling their duties, do they need to have their work checked to ensure they are achieving enough. Lets be honest the boss likes to be in control.

Another issue is the type of business. While some businesses can be very flexible with their hours, other sectors like retail have fixed opening hours. A lot of businesses are open within the same hours, so having staff working outside of these regular slots can struggle to make contact with clients or suppliers.

There are no easy answers, but the question needs to be addressed none the less. How do we provide work placements for a workforce that needs more flexibility?

If we want to relieve our benefits system we first need to provide alternative paths. We need better training for potential employers and staff. As a society we need to accept that we all have different needs and be prepared to accommodate them.

As a not for profit charity, DSP has been working with people from all backgrounds, abilities and work experience levels. We have provided work placements on an apprentice level and volunteer base to give work experience to those who cannot find a way to work through the current job market.

DSP has a flexible workplace with various shifts and remote working to accommodate various conditions. We also work with our staff to develop beyond their conditions and to reach new levels of achievement.

We have found that by providing a work place and accommodating various conditions actually helps the individual grow past them. With support and sometimes the right tools a lot of disabilities or conditions can be overcome and you gain a valuable and appreciative staff member.

If you are a business that can incorporate some flexibility, we would love to work with you to provide work paid placements for those with disabilities looking for work.

Support in finding a job:

If you are a disabled individual looking for work, keep a look out for the "disability confident" symbol on job adverts / postings and also speak to your work coach at the job centre. You can also get support from the Government such as:

While you are looking for work:

While you are trying to find work (or if you are unable to work) DSP can not only provide benefit guidance, but also practical help filling in the forms, writing appeals, and representation at tribunals. Just call our team on 01527 351021 or email for help.

Volunteer for CV experience:

DSP also have various volunteer postings available if you are looking for work experience to go on your CV.

Help us to help more:

For those who want to support DSP and our staff you can make a donation. If we can get enough financial support we can help provide wages for our dedicated team of volunteers (who really deserve it).


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