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A Bit About Us

In 2012 Alex Powell (C.E.O. of the Disability Support Project) had a car accident that would change his life forever. After a successful business life he now found himself wheelchair bound and had to rethink his career, life and future. 

Alex started working at a charity in Kidderminster, Worcestershire so that he could help other people with disabilities get support and guidance. Having been through the process of getting support himself it soon became clear that while the charity had good intent, it did not nearly meet the needs of those who came to it. Alex said, “at this point I had a bigger picture in my mind, and I wanted to make it so much more”.

Starting out in his bedroom with his wife Sarah and a friend, they started a new not for profit charity to go beyond what the local charities were offering. Not just sign posting possibilities, but helping to achieve better realities. 
At this point, the thought of representing someone at a tribunal was a terrifying thought. I never imagined a couple of years later I would be representing clients of my own charity in courts and fighting for their rights, but here we are!”.

The Disability Support Project now not only guides and assists those with disabilities to get financial support, but has extended to England and Wales. Hundreds of people now have a better life as a direct result of the charities actions. 

From helping with form filling, appointeeships, D.W.P. tribunal aids to assisting the elderly with day-to-day needs. D.S.P. is dedicated to growing the services and expertise that we offer the disabled and elderly to provide a bright future for everyone. 


Alex Powell

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