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What makes DSP Different?

There a host of reasons we feel we stand apart from other charities and organisation in our field. But, to help you get a feel for what we are all about here are a few of those reasons:

Not for profit

To start off with DSP is a "not for profit" charity. This means that the charity cannot make any profit over and above it's expenses for the benefit of any individual or private parties. Everything we receive through revenue and donations must go back into the charity itself for growth, to cover costs or to meet the needs of those we support.

This encapsulates what we are all about, and tells you that we are here for you and not financial benefit. All of our projects are free or have minimal costs to cover our expenses alone.

Although some of our services have contributions stated we often sponsor individuals and offer these services for free due to their circumstances. If you need our support but are concerned that you cannot afford the stated contribution, speak to our team.

Not just a signpost

From the very start, and part of the reason for the birth of DSP was the need to offer more than just guidance. Rather than pointing you to someone else, who may indeed point you elsewhere, DSP provides practical hands on support.

We specialise in financial advice, financial support and fighting for the rights of those in our care. We understand your need for support and the pressure you are under, and where possible aim to relieve that through our in house expertise and knowledge.


Every member of our staff are volunteers, from all walks of life, beliefs, and come with a wealth of life experience. They are here solely for the purpose of helping you.

That's what we get up for in the morning!

Our volunteers not only provide a service, they define who we are and what we do. They are intrinsic to our values and core structure. If you wake up each morning wanting to do something good, perhaps now's the time to think about joining the team.


We are passionate about the support we provide and proud of what we have become. Over the past 12 months our services are in more demand than ever, and although we wish we were not needed, there are many who are desperate for the support that we offer, and many receive it.

Although we already support the whole of England and Wales, with your support we aim to open more locations to do this more effectively.


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