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Carers Allowance

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Each year thousands of people across the UK care for friends, family members and colleagues who cannot carry out specific daily tasks we can all take for granted. Feeding themselves, shopping, changing their sheets, washing clothes, bathing and more can be more than just a challenge but, in some cases, an impossibility. Carers help reduce the burden on the NHS by carrying out these duties and help to make someone's life better.  


If you work for 35 hours a week or more to care for someone, you could be eligible for carers allowance. 


Practical Help For Carers Allowance Applications

Learning to support a child with a disability can be a challenge on its own, so understanding the forms and processes that you need to complete in order to get CDLA can be mind-blowing. With this in mind, DSP offers more than just a simple signposting service by holding your hand through the application, appeal and even tribunal should that be necessary. 

Carers Allowance is usually around £67.60 / week, so not enough to live on, but it can make a huge difference for those sacrificing their time to support those in need. DSP can help with:

How much you will receive from a Carers Allowance payment will depend on several factors and the benefits that the person you are caring for receives.

Carers Allowance - The Person You Care For:

The person you care for must receive one of the following benefits for you to be eligible for Carers Allowance:

  • Personal Independence Payment - daily living component

  • Disability Living Allowance - the middle or highest care rate

  • Attendance Allowance

  • Constant Attendance Allowance at or above the standard maximum rate with an Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

  • Constant Attendance Allowance at the basic (full day) rate with a War Disablement Pension

  • Armed Forces Independence Payment

If they are already cared for by someone else who claims carers allowance, you will not be able to claim. 

Carers Allowance - Type of care provided:

You will need to spend at least 35 hours a week caring for the person related to your Carers Allowance application. This can include:


  • Helping with washing and cooking

  • Taking the person you care for to a doctor’s appointment

  • Helping with household tasks, like managing bills and shopping

Carers Allowance - Your Eligibility

You must tick all of the fields below to be eligible for carers allowance yourself:

  • You’re 16 or over

  • You spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone

  • You’ve been in England, Scotland or Wales for at least 2 of the last three years (this does not apply if you’re a refugee or have humanitarian protection status)

  • You live in England, Scotland or Wales, or you live abroad as a member of the armed forces (you might still be eligible if you’re moving to or already living in an EEA country or Switzerland)

  • You’re not in full-time education

  • You’re not studying for 21 hours a week or more

  • You’re not subject to immigration control

  • Your earnings are £128 or less a week after tax, National Insurance and expenses.

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Need help with your application? - see our Suggested Donations List for this service.

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