Tribunal Representation
& Benefit Appeals

Sometimes your application for a Personal Independence Payment, Child Disability Living Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Attendance Allowance and other similar benefits is turned down.


This can be a very worrying, stressful time and can have a mental and / or  physical impact on your condition. The Disability Support Project understands how important it is that you get the support you need, so offer an appeal service as well as tribunal representation if that becomes necessary. 


We can help with appeals from not only applications that we have processed, but also those that you have made yourself or through a third party. 


Should your application be rejected we will carefully consider all the points raised and compare them to your statement to ensure they are accurate, gather any necessary appeal information and send off your appeal for you. 

The Disability Support Project believes that everyone that needs support should receive it, and will do everything we can to ensure you get it. 



If your appeal is rejected we can go the extra mile and support you in the tribunal.

Going to court to fight for the support you believe you deserve can be a daunting task and puts many off taking the step. However, with the right support behind you this need not be such a stressful experience. 

At whatever stage you come to us we will fight your corner if we can see that you should be getting support that you applied for. 

The system is not perfect so our team of trained representatives can ensure that the right information is presented, the right questions are asked and that the process is as fair as  possible. 

If you are struggling with a pending tribunal or appeal get in touch today and let us help you through it. 

Please note: for tribunals we ask for a donation pledge of 12.5% of your backdated, awarded settlement to help cover our traveling, expenses, postage and other costs.