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National Lottery Community Fund Donates to DSP

We are very grateful to the Lottery Community Funding for their recent donation to DSP in relation to the Sanctuary Gaming Café and future mentoring, mindfulness, mental health, and wellbeing projects. This is a huge boost for DSP and will allow us to expand the services we offer with future games, replacements, courses, support, and projects.

DSP (Disability Support Project) is well known for supporting the disabled community financially, but has long wanted to reach a broader audience and support the community as a whole. With The Sanctuary Gaming Café DSP are aiming at all ages (children, families, and adults), and providing a safe space for them to experience board games, card games, puzzles and more. Kids under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult (if none are available speak to our team for special arrangements).

The digital world can be all too consuming for adults and the youth alike, taking more of our time each day. Having a separation from the digital world these days can be really important in developing a firm grip on reality, and importantly developing real world relationships with people of our own own age and interests. There are many, particularly within our youth, who live very insular lives with only digital friends and relationships that they may never have met, and some of those may not be sharing a true identity.

The Sanctuary Gaming Café opens its doors on Friday the 19th November between 5pm and 9pm and will then be open every Friday. There is no initial upfront fee for entry and refreshments will be available for purchase during the evening.

Held at the Ecumenical Centre in the heart of Redditch within the shopping centre complex, The Sanctuary Gaming Café is easily accessibly for those walking, traveling by bus or by car with a number of car parks in close proximity, and a bus stop just around the corner. The centre is also wheelchair accessible with lift access.

There will be over 100 games to choose from with some selected each week as the evening’s challenges, along with occasional special tournaments with prizes. Some of the games are competitive while others require teamwork to achieve the objective. DSP are looking to expand this selection continually to keep it fresh while responding to the preferences of those attending each week.

As part of DSP’s mentoring programme we will have mentors running the games and encouraging those who need more support. Our team will provide easier games for those who need to learn so they can develop to the more complex games available. Our aim is to provide a fun, safe environment where kids and adults can have a great evening, while at the same time helping kids develop their teamwork, communication, and relationship skills. While adults can spend more time with their kids or friends with adequate space and a wide selection of games.

If you would like to know more about The Sanctuary Gaming Café, click here.

If you would like to know more about DSP and to keep up to date with future mindfulness and mental health support, you can follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our website newsfeed for more information.

Should you wish to help DSP in developing its mentoring program, we are looking for more mental health professionals who can volunteer a small amount of their time, as well as donations so that we can continue to provide great services to our community.

For Donations please click here.


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