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Game Review #1 - Fluxx Card Games

Fluxx card games by Looney Labs is like combining UNO and Phase 10, feeding it steroids, and then taking it to a costume shop before releasing it on the world. They are bags of fun and each variation of the game, whether it be Marvel, Star Trek, Zombies, Monsters, Pirates, Firefly, or any of the huge selection they have available, have subtle differences in how the game is played.

They all have one constant however and that is……ironically……everything changes, constantly!

Everything from the goal to the rules can change each turn as a new card is played. Although this might sound complicated, it’s remarkably easy to pick up and before long you are addicted. Trying to get the right combination of cards to win while knowing your opponent may play a card that takes away your whole hand and replaces it with something new, make for a great challenge.

Start the game with two simple rules, draw a card then play a card. Each card has simple instructions that change the rules, goal and your strategy to win. Some cards go face up in front of you. Keepers, who you need to win, and Creepers which can be part of a winning goal, but usually need to be disposed of.

Some rules will change how many cards you can pick up, put down or hold after playing your cards. While others can have hilarious consequences such as having to make a zombie noise every time you draw a card with zombies pictured. The action cards are usually unique to deck and the game theme.

We would suggest this game is suitable for 10+ though some younger children may also be able to play (depending on the card set you choose). This can be a cheap way to get your kids into board and card games (unless you buy the whole collection of cards in a mad spending spree), and get them off screens for a bit.

Fluxx card games are a doorway to a fantastic world of fun for kids and adults and are one of Sanctuary Gaming Cafés preferred card games.

To join in and play some of the great games we have available, visit us on the 19th November for the Sanctuary Gaming Café. You can also follow us on Face book and join the Facebook group for board and card game discussions.

For our Facebook group, Follow our page and join the Board and Card Games group. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you can join us for the first Sanctuary Gaming Café at the Ecumenical Centre, Redditch Town Centre 19th November 2021.


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