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Are you a carer?

There are thousands of people across the country helping the NHS by caring for friends, family members or as a private carer. By doing this they are helping to take the pressure off the NHS staff and giving more personal support to the person they care for.

Not everyone is aware however that they too can get some support for this service. If you are working for 35 hours or more a week caring for someone, you could be entitled to carers allowance. This can help offset the cost of not being able to carry out a full time job, travel expenses etc.

DSP can help you check your eligibility for carers allowance and help you apply. As with all government forms, they can be a bit of a mine field, our team can break it down and simplify it for you.


If you would like to check your eligibility for carers allowance simply give us a call or send us an email. One of our team members will guide you through the process and get you the support you need.

You can also arrange for an appointment at our Redditch based offices and speak to an expert.


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