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Eila's Explorations #3

For those of you who have joined in each week we have changed things up a bit this week. Eila is in the picture, but you have to find her pets - Toby the Jack Russel, Kane The Chameleon and Denzel the Koala.

When you have all 3 pop a comment below or in the comments section of the social media post you followed to get here.

This is a beautiful location, but its worth noting that some people with disabilities will never see such places in real life as they cannot get access to them. This forest scene has a great access path that would likely be suitable for a wheelchair or mobility scooter, but many areas are not and some are impractical to make so.

Next time you are exploring the wilds, spare a thought for those who cannot.

Don't forget to share this page if you can and help spread the word about Disability Awareness.



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