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Physically Disabled

A physical disability covers a broad spectrum of issues that restrict someone's ability to move or physically interact with others and their environment. This can be due to a loss of sight, spinal injury or loss of hearing for example and usually requires some form of equipment, aid and or support for day to day life. 

Living with a physical disability can be a challenge, but more often than not there is help available through your local GP for treatments and coping methods. 

Practical Help For the Physically Disabled

Any physical disability will come with a cost for equipment, training and support with day to day living may be required. There are a number of benefits that can help:

Disability Support Project can help with the applications, appeals and if tribunals to make the process easier and less stressful for you. 

More help with Physical Disabilities

We are continually building our website up to provide more support, information and links. You may find more relevant information available for your specific disability here.  

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