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Congratulations to our new Fluxx Champions

Friday night was once again the field of battle of a Sanctuary Gaming Cafe tournament, this time Fluxx. This great card game is simple to play but as the name suggests, is in a constant state of Fluxx, with rules, goals and hands changing constantly.

Our members battled it out as the tables shrank until there was only one table and four combatants. By this time they had used multiple deck variations such as Martians, Firefly, Star trek, Fairy Tale, Monsters and Cthulhu. Each game has the same concept but is adapted to the theme creating different ways to win.

Eventually though there had to be a winner, and in our case joint champions. Harry Rutter and Justin Hirst were crowned the victors after winning their individual tables and completing the final.

These two new champions have entered our Hall of Legends until we next have a Fluxx tournament and they will get the opportunity to defend their titles. They will also be able to claim their digital badges on our website where they can be seen in all the members areas.

Sanctuary Gaming Cafe is free to attend and our menu prices are designed to be affordable for everyone. We have a tournament every 6-8 weeks as well as additional special events throughout the year.

Although SGC is part of Disability Support Project it is available to everyone. We also have mentoring programmes for those suffering from depression, anxiety or stress for example. There are also quiet rooms if you are autistic and require somewhere to escape to at any point.

If you would like to become a member (for FREE), simply come along any Friday between 5pm -9pm where you can sign up. You can also visit our Forum / chat space to ask questions that staff and members can answer here

Sanctuary Gaming Cafe

The Ecumenical Centre

6 Evesham Walk


B97 4EX

Tel: 01527 351021




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