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Big News for Sanctuary Gaming Cafe

Since we started Sanctuary Gaming Cafe (SGC) in November 2020 we wanted to make SGC as affordable as possible. However, as everyone knows we still have bills to pay and the funding has to come from somewhere. So we decided to delay membership fees until January 2022 as a thank you to all those who joined as early members.

In January we had grown so much we decided to extend free membership through February as well.

Since then however, our membership levels have sky rocketed, through generous donations our rent has been paid regularly, and despite our ridiculously low prices in the cafe we are making enough to keep us from needing to add a membership or entry free.

So SGC is remaining FREE to join and FREE to enter indefinitely!

This means we can continue to provide our vision of affordable food and entertainment in a safe space for everyone. We want to say a huge thank you to all those who have continually donated to the project to make this possible. If you enjoy the services we provide please do continue to support the project so that we can continue to keep the costs as low as possible to all our members.

Our Team

We also want to say a big thank you to all our volunteers who put in so much work each week out of the kindness of their hearts. You all make SGC what it is and without you none of this would be possible. We are so proud of everyone of you and hope you can continue to help us grow and bring great games and delicious food to even more members.

Due to their volunteering we have been able to pass on the cost savings to our members. If you would like to join the team as a volunteer or for work experience you can see some of our available positions here.

Special Thank you to Karen & Dean

We also want to say a special thank you to Karen & Dean who have been our Chef's from the start, providing fantastic specials. Dean has had to have an operation on his foot so they were not with us last week, but we are looking forward to them returning when Dean is ready.

They have provided some truly delicious specials and ensured the food has been superb.

You two are awesome and we hope Dean recovers quickly.

Thank you to the Ecumenical Centre

A massive thank you to the Ecumenical Centre who own the cafe and halls that we use. They have been tremendously supportive and have some great facilities. They have helped to share our news and social media so more people can find us, and jumped in and helped when we have needed a helping hand.

If you are looking for a space for an event why not give them a try!

Thank you to our digital supporters

All those who have shared our posts, joined us on our chat space / forums, posted fantastic feedback on Google and social media, we salute you!

You have helped put us on the map and keep down our advertising costs so that again we can keep our prices as low as possible.

If you have not been to Sanctuary Gaming Cafe please do join us for a fantastic evening of table top games and great food. We are open every Friday 5pm - 9pm and everyone is welcome. We have support for those with learning difficulties and autism, as well as a play area for our next generation of SGC members.

You can sign up at the door and receive your membership badge

(depending on how busy we are membership badges may be collected the following week but you can still enter that night)

We look forward to seeing you!


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