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A New Tournament & Leaderboard

Things are stepping up at Sanctuary Gaming Cafe again with another Tournament (with a twist) and our new annual Leaderboard.


Our new annual leaderboard gives you the chance to be the number one table top gamer at Sanctuary Gaming Cafe for the year!

Points will be accumulated from each tournament and from special bonuses throughout the year. You will also be able to earn points from special Co-Op events where you can collectively earn points and share them between the team.

We have already added the winners from our events this year so that you can see if you are on the list and how you are ranked.

Who will win the Grand Prize at the end pf 2022 - that's up to you!

Travel Tournament

Our new format for Tournaments has also started as you will earn points and prizes for winning and competing.

On April 8th we have the Travel Tournament which will feature three games:

  • Tour Operator

  • Trekking The World

  • Ticket To Ride (Europe)

If you can win all three you may be our champion, or can you just place consistently enough to beat everyone else if not?

The Tournament will be held over 3 consecutive weeks, and you will play a different game each week from the set. And each week you can earn points that will go towards your tournament total and your annual leaderboard total!

So even if you don't win every event you can still contribute to a potential annual championship win.

To find out more and sign up follow the link below (You will need to have signed up to this website as a member which is free)


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