Grand Christmas Gala

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We are excited to announce the first Disability Support Project Grand Christmas Gala Saturday 11th December 2021 at the Abbey Hotel in Redditch. It will be a black tie event with a meal and entertainment throughout the evening and is sure to be one that you wont want to miss. 

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Silent Auction

Take part in our silent auction and bid for a range of items and memorabilia that will not only mark the occasion, but also help raise money for Disability Support Project.

You can follow us on Facebook to hear more about the items that will be auctioned and come prepared on the day.

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Dine Out

Take your family, friends and colleagues out for some fine dining with a fabulous menu selection available.

The Abbey Hotel has a reputation for good food and have prepared a seasonal selection of dishes to choose from.

Why not book a table for 10 and make it a night out to remember.

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Walk In Raffle

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After buying your raffle ticket/s on the way in you can immediately claim your prize if you are one of the lucky ones.

Our raffle prizes will be on display with the corresponding ticket numbers.

Why not buy a set of numbers to give yourself the optimum chance of walking away with a treasure, whilst supporting Disability Support Project.

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Single, Group or Table

A night out is always made better by the people you share it with.


If you want your own table we have tables for 10 available with a 10% saving overall.

You can also buy single or group tickets if you don't mind sharing your table.

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Order Your Tickets

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If you would like to join us on a night to remember click on the link below.


Be quick though as we are expecting tickets to go fairly swiftly from the interest level we have been shown so far. 

We have several methods of payment available to suit your preference.

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